"Is it time to leave behind comparison, competition and exhaustion and remake something altogether different, something marked by meaning, purpose and connection? With the right support and mind shifts, anything is possible.."


This is no one size fixes all, I tailor the coaching journey for you, together we look at where you are currently at and where you would like to be.  

Life, work, the last few challenging years that we have all experienced, it can feel overwhelming, but it need not be that way.

Within you is a light shining bright and this is where coaching comes in, uncovering your true light, not somebody else's, yours. 


 Working together 1:1, with a holistic approach towards health, well-being, work and business, we can break down barriers, uncover your values and strengths and create long-lasting and sustainable change.

Let your light shine...

Rock Balancing

Stillness and calm

As a trained mindfulness teacher and practitioner, I can support you in finding that inner peace in a sometimes chaotic world. 1:1 mindfulness coaching, tailored to you and your life.


Pathways and choices

Together, from a place of groundedness and belonging, we can explore the pathways and choices available to you in life and business, gaining clarity and new perspectives



Get to know yourself at a new level, who you are as a leader in your personal life and in business, develop an emotional intelligence that opens the door to living a joyful, humane and fulfilled life

Step 1 : Book a time for a free no-obligation 30-minute discovery call via my calendar below..

Step 2 : Together we formulate a plan on how we are going to work together, the number of sessions, whether that is online or in-person at our locations within Derbyshire, or coaching walks in nature (Spring and Summer).  It is important that you feel comfortable and I want to ensure that I can best serve you, so there is no one size fits here, we create a plan that is right for you.

Step 3: If you are happy to proceed, we agree on a start date and I work with you for as long or as short as is necessary. Some of my clients just have one session to work with a specific outcome/goal and others retain me as a coach more longer-term, allowing time to go away and put things into practice whilst having me there to walk alongside them, providing a sounding board and an accountability partner as well as a coach.

Getting started..


Working from Home


Sessions can be held online via interactive zoom meetings. Ideal for those that cannot meet me in person or prefer online sessions. We can also do a combination of in-person and online which is cost-effective and allows us to keep in touch in between sessions.



Coaching sessions can be held at the stunning Whistlewood, based just outside Melbourne, Derbyshire. A beautiful 10 acre community woodland featuring a strawbale roundhouse, yurt and lovely spacious grounds to wander in. The perfect retreat!


Coaching in nature

During the spring and summer months (and even autumn), you can also opt for coaching in nature walks.  We have some stunning countryside available to us. Coaching in nature is extremely beneficial, providing the spaciousness and a sense of well-being that can bring about change and insights. 

Ready to take that first step?

If you would like to learn more about what it would be like to work with me and to book a no-obligation discovery call please book in to my calendar below and  I will be in touch shortly! 

(please note the 2 hour session cannot be booked until a 30 minute discovery call is carried out)