Embracing the unknown

I have a childhood memory of falling into deep water, the memory is faded but still there. A fear that seemed (or so I thought) entrenched and set.

My school swimming lessons never helped the situation, as a sensitive child, the overwhelm of going somewhere new, being in the changing rooms and then getting into a cold pool, did nothing to help matters. Our swimming teacher was strict and loved to yell at us or wave the hook around telling us to go quicker. So swimming was never a strong point not something I ever enjoyed.

So fast forward 30 odd years and there I was stood in a lake with my friend stood next to me, both looking at each other wondering what we are doing there, catching our breath against the cold, slowly slowly, gently starting to swim out into the open water.

There in that lake, all the old memories and fears came back but something else so utterly wonderful and powerful came to the fore, present moment awareness. Slowly I started to focus, to see the colours, the smell of the water, the trees on the bank, other people having fun and there I realised that I wasn't that fearful child anymore.

Perhaps a decade or more of self discovery has led to this, I don't know but that little realisation in the lake that day has stayed with me, it seems so simple but profound, it is a letting go of a past version, taking a journey into the unknown, not governed by the past, not tainted. Like an explorer searching unknown lands, yet these lands are beyond the physical realm. I would never have known this if I hadn't pushed through that fear, would never have known that a swim in a lake would be so life changing.

I want to share this here, I want you to know that you can do this (your own journey of self discovery not swimming in a lake, unless you want to of course).

We all have this journey within us, a journey of self discovery, an exploration of what makes a meaningful life for us. We each have to forge our own path, there is no manual, we make our own unique manual as we go.

With the right people by your side, lots of kindness from within (that kind voice is there, it's just a bit quieter that's all) and trust, that doorway will open to a journey that is filled with treasures.

Kindness - Present moment awareness - Trust

You can do this.

With love and kindness from R

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