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Updated: Jul 18, 2021

If you have been following me for a little while, you may have noticed a little change in the content that goes out. This is all part of a drive and intention to run an ethical and authentic business, using kindness, compassion, and openness to share the offerings we provide.

Monday's, I usually post up a blog, lots of free content, support, and musings to take away and try out in your own life. Wednesday is market day, where I put a spotlight on our services, tell you a little more about what is going on, and how you can get involved. Friday I usually show my face on a little vlog.

I hope you like this easy-to-follow and consistent approach to our content and you find it enjoyable to read.

Anyway, it is Wednesday so a little spotlight on something new today.....

An intentional journey - Group life coaching

I am so excited to announce a new offering today. From September, I am teaming up with fellow coach and coaching supervisor Caroline Anthony from Coaching from the croft to offer group life coaching. A wonderful way to access life coaching with the added benefit of meeting others on that journey in a warm, safe, and welcoming group environment.

Session one will commence on Monday the 6th of September 1900-2100. Each session is stand-alone and you can choose to come along to just one session or make it a regular thing. We will be running a session once a month, so a great way to refocus each month and take that time out to support your own wellbeing and development.

Exploring the benefits of living within the core values of intention

We are on a mission to build and support connection, communication, self-knowledge, wisdom, engagement, and belonging. In each group session, we look at intentional and authentic living as a way of being and journeying through this life.

Intentional living means making choices that align with your core values, deepening your understanding of yourself and the world around you, fostering a quality of life that feels right for you, Space, freedom, and clarity. In essence, it is exploring what is important to you, your wellbeing and your authenticity.

Why is this important?

Living with the values of intention can allow us to

  • Declutter our mind

  • Find purpose

  • Get to know ourselves

  • Streamline how we want to live

  • Develop a deeper sense of belonging and what is important to you

Connection, meaning and belonging

Working within the fields of mindfulness, life coaching, and positive psychology, both me and Caroline are passionate about bringing people together to explore this work further, to give you the space to find what is right for you.

We would love to accompany you on this exploratory journey to discover what matters to you in this life and bookings for the first session in September are now open.

To find out more and book, head over to our events page at

Life Coaching events | Alder Tree Mindfulness


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