Turning the tide on burnout

Return of the switch off

Oh for ten minutes, an hour, a day of nothing in particular

I get it, it's bland, it's not exciting, and there may be boredom but a day of nothing could be just what we need.

It is so simple, that we don't believe it can work, so we plough on, trying to stem the tide of burnout.

Pause Pause Pause

It's ok. Breathe, Breathe, fully in, long slow exhalation. There is power in the pause if only we let it do its work, thoughts can come and go, no need for our input, feet on the floor, breathe, breathe, keep it simple folks, here is a little doorway to some peace and freedom.

We live in such a fast world, I can hear the voices, I have no time, I have to do this or that, I've got to work, so on and so forth. All so real, I get it, I too say this to myself, but deep inside something calls us to this, its screaming at us to slow things down, to rest, to simply be, to drop our agendas for a while.

Start with ten minutes, ten minutes of nothing in particular, pause, rest, breathe. If that's too long, try five minutes, just try it.

Switch off day

I feel it is time for a return of the switch-off day. A day to truly rest and relax, to allow it to unfold naturally, timelessly. A day when we can pause as we like, nourish ourselves, care for our wellbeing, lie on the grass, walk barefoot, exercise, watch the clouds float by, whatever it is, just an intention if you like, a day to simply be.

Maybe it's not a day but half a day, or an hour put aside each week for doing nothing in particular, just an invitation to try it out.

There are times when we have to push onwards, work hard, be there for others, I get that, but it requires balance, time to let go, to restore harmony, peace and joy into our lives, sometimes that requires a little bit of slowing things down.

Gently, gently, bit by bit, do what works for you, the art of doing nothing in particular, is just that, an art form, it takes practice, regularity, commitment and consistency.

I am so passionate about this that you have all my support if you want to try this out.

A switch-off day is a chance for us to stop, to look deeply, it is amazing what we might discover.

Can we turn our phones off for a little while,

Wander and meander aimlessly

To see the beauty that is already here

right beneath our feet.


Switch off day intention events, monthly mindful walks, day retreats, all simple days of being, returning back home in the truest sense....

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